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We replaced and upgraded the house lighting system at Tramway, one of Glasgow’s leading performance and event venues.

Project Details
Completion: April 2012
Location: Glasgow
Client: Tramway / Glasgow life
Kit List

The equipment and systems that we used to create the Tramway’s new lighting system included:
  • Tryka Module 12 RGB LED Units with Line Drivers.
  • Pharos Control System integrated with DMX split/merge facility.
The project brief from the client was to revamp the house lighting in the Tramway’s various performance and public spaces. We got the commission thanks to our technical and theatrical expertise and due to the unique approach we took to the technical challenge posed by the project.

Using our expertise with effects and architectural lighting, we created a highly versatile and expandable system. Because the new lighting is based on energy-efficient LED technology it is very cost effective and should reduce Tramway’s running costs.

What we did
We used products that are normally associated with effects and architectural lighting to create a series of bespoke lighting solutions. These not only fulfill the clients’ needs for a flexible house lighting system but they can also be used as part of the venue’s various lighting rigs.

We employed LED lighting to reduce energy consumption, lower running costs and provide a truly flexible range of lighting options.

We designed the system to allow control from wall-panels and venue lighting desks.

The key steps in the project included:
  • Submission of the project proposal.
  • An on-site demo of the proposed technology.
  • Equipment installation.
  • Equipment commissioning and testing.
  • System programming and sign-off.

The venue
Tramway is one of Europe’s most celebrated ‘found spaces’ and one of its most significant multi-purpose performance and exhibition venues.  With an emphasis on the contemporary and experimental, it provides both a showcase for international work and a focus for young Scottish artists.

The building offers an unrivalled range of performance, exhibition and workshop space in a unique environment.  Spaces include Tramway 1, which is normally associated with large-scale performing arts projects, and Tramway 4, a smaller studio theatre with flexible seating for up to 90 people.

The clients are very pleased with the versatility of the system and the cost savings that it will bring.

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