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Strathallen School, Perthshire

We completed one of the first all-LED theatrical lighting installs in a school in Scotland. The success of the project, at Strathallen School in Perthshire, highlights both our expertise with this energy-saving technology and our experience working closely with clients in the education sector to provide them with the technical and creative solutions they need.

Service Type:  Installation
Sector:  School
Completion:  April 2013
Location:  Perthshire
Client:  Strathallan School
 Equipment list:
  • Selecon PL CYC
  • Selecon PL1 Zoom Profile
  • Selecon PL1 Fresnel
Project development
We were initially brought in to update the school’s existing dimmer and tungsten lighting system. This had been installed over many years and comprised three generations of Zero 88 Beta packs. However initial discussions showed that the school really wanted to achieve a major change to its theatre lighting.
To help them decide what approach to choose, our technicians discussed a range of alternatives from a straight upgrade to a complete LED install and all options in between.
Our solution
The school decided on a complete LED install after they had looked at the long-term power savings this option would give them. The potential cost savings swung the school over to the more energy-efficient technology option, despite the fact that its budget would be around double that of an installation using ‘traditional’ equipment.
The LED option was also chosen because it ticked a number of other important boxes for the school’s team – they liked its flexibility and the fact that it would offer a vastly more exciting experience than conventional luminaries.
The new equipment is a radical departure from the kind of installs that have been common in the past. It points to a future where long-term investment in energy efficiency is an important part of the project decision-making process.
The project
This project was a real example of cooperation and understanding between our client and our design and installation teams. It was characterised by a genuine desire by all involved to work hard to find the optimal solution for the school.
To keep costs down, we worked to very tight budgets and liaised closely with equipment manufacturer Philips to make sure that the technology we were using would be cost-effective.
The project involved:
  • The removal of old equipment.
  • The installation of a controlled, switched mains power distribution system (the school needed both a dimmable and a non-dimmable mains set up).
  • The design and installation of a neat wiring system to provide maximum flexibility and security should any element fail.
  • The installation of a range of Philips LED Selecon Luminaires and lighting control equipment. 
Client feedback:
“I was impressed by Black Light’s pro-active response to our needs and the costing of the project. It has been an education for me in the possibilities of new technology for the theatre space here and I have very much enjoyed working with Black Light on this project.”
Mary Robertson Barnett, who has responsibility for Expressive Arts throughout Strathallen school.
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