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St. John’s Kirk, Perth

We successfully installed a full-package of AV, audio and lighting equipment (and associated control systems) within a high profile and historically significant town-centre Kirk.

Project Details
Completion: Summer 2011
Location: Perth
Client: Church of Scotland/St. John’s Kirk
Kit List

The equipment and systems that we installed included:
  • Meyer Speakers.
  • Clock Audio Mics.
  • Panasonic video cameras and projectors.
  • Tascam and Denon playback.
  • Cloud Zone mixers/amplifiers.
  • Extron Matrix switchers.
  • AMX touchscreens.

The project brief was to design, specify, procure and install a highly complex AV, audio and lighting system for St. John’s Kirk in Perth. The specifications of this system included:
  • Multi-zone, multi-input audio.
  • Live audio capability.
  • Multiple cameras.
  • Motorized screens.
  • Vision mixing.
  • Portable plasma screens,
  • A ‘performance’ lighting system.

The project shows that we can carry out work in architecturally important environments. It also highlights that we can design and install complex equipment packages so that they have the minimum impact on their surroundings.

What we did
We worked closely with the client to get the specifications absolutely correct. We then spent a lot of time finding the right products. For example, we specified a speaker system that was as small and discrete as possible. This was custom-painted to further ‘disappear’ into the fabric of the building. The key project steps included:
  • Helping to design of the LX element of the package.
  • Detailed installation design.
  • Product procurement and supply.
  • System installation.
  • System commissioning.
  • AV/Audio programming.

Key challenges
The main challenge was provided by the Kirk’s historic interior. Because of its importance, we had to work with immense care and attention to detail. It took a lot of skill to create, install and conceal cable runs and to position the key pieces of equipment unobtrusively.

All the equipment we installed had to be easy to use, as it would be operated by non-experts.

Why we got the job
Black Light got the commission for this project because:
  • We were able to offer a full package of AV, Lighting and Audio installation skills.
  • We have well-established relationships with high quality suppliers and manufacturers. We could therefore easily source the specialist and high-specification equipment needed for this level of commission.
  • We have the technical skills to translate design specifications into the ‘real world’.
  • We bring a range of creative and theatre skills to our work and are experts at careful and accurate installations.
Everyone involved in the project was very pleased with how the installation went and with the performance and useability of the finished system.

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