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Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome

We designed, installed and programmed a large-scale LED architectural lighting system for the facade of the new Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow.

Project Details
Completion: June 2012
Location: Glasgow
Client: FES ltd (Consultant: ARUP)
Kit List
  • 60 Traxon AC Shield
  • 36 LED RGB Wallwasher
  • 4 Custom Built Conical Columns
  • eCue Light Control Engine
  • eCue T12 Glass Touch
  • Butler XT
  • eCue RDM Isolators
  • Artistic License DMX Buffer
The state-of-the-art Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome in Glasgow opened in late 2012. It is the home of track cycling in Scotland and will host world-class events such as the 2014 Commonwealth Games.As part of the final stage of the Velodrome’s construction, ARUP commissioned us to supply and install an LED architectural lighting system to illuminate the building’s facade. The client needed a flexible system that would allow the exterior of the building to be ‘brought to life’ in various ways, by using the LED system to create a range of different kinetic lighting effects and moods.

Black Light was chosen to design and deliver the project because of our in-depth understanding of its technical requirements, along with our ability to install the required systems and to keep costs within budget.

The project highlights our ability to work on high-profile projects that demand exceptional levels of performance; it also demonstrates our ability to work with consultants to deliver projects to strict cost specifications.

What we did
  • We liaised closely with ARUP’s lighting consultant to determine the exact requirements of the project. We then worked out how to deliver these on time and on budget.
  • The project involved the planning and design of both the physical layout of the lighting scheme and its data infrastructure and control systems.
  • Once on site, our team installed all necessary cables, data lines and control equipment, as well as the LED fittings themselves.
  • We installed a range of wall-mounted control panels and touchscreen interfaces to meet the client’s need for ease of control.
  • The commissioning of the system involved a range of programming and testing tasks.

Key challenges
The project’s key technical challenges involved the length of the data cable runs we had to employ, the high-level access problems we encountered and the fact that we had to work round the building’s landscaping. All of these challenges were overcome through careful planning and some lateral thinking.

As the Velodrome was under construction when we were on site, we faced the challenge of working alongside a range of other teams. Our technicians are experienced at working with other contractors, so we were able to easily integrate ourselves into the overall build.

The project called for the highest levels of technical and aesthetic performance. Our team delivered in both these areas, bringing in the project on time, on budget.

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