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Up to 40%+ off Clearance Stock

28 April 2014
by Calder Sibbald , under Product | | Company news | Sales


Selecon Stock Clearance - Up to 40%+ off
At Black Light we are continuously updating our sales stock – which means that every so often we have some great deals to offer!
This month we’re providing significant discounts on a range of fantastic lighting equipment from Selecon. Take a look at what’s available and get in touch quickly, as they’re all only available on a first come, first served basis.
Acclaim Fresnel
with Safety Mesh
Was £234 - Now £135
Acclaim Axial 18-34
Was £383 - Now £230
Acclaim Axial 12-24
Was £383 - Now £230
Hui CYC 3 Batten
Was £537 - Now £300
Rama FR 150MM – GX9.5 Yoke with Safety Mesh
Was £334 - Now £200
Hui CYC 1 300-800W
Was £201 - Now £120
Place your order today
Contact us on 0131 551 2337 for details of these sales items and to find out about the other stock we’ve got available. Or you can e-mail us here. Quoting SELSALE with your enquiry.
*Please note that the above pricing is Excluding VAT. The items do not include Plug, Lamp or Hook Clamps.