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Schools for the Future

We installed a wide range of stage, lighting and sound equipment at two Scottish schools, as part of the government’s flagship Schools for the Future Programme.

The success of the two projects shows that we have the expertise to be involved in groundbreaking initiatives involving key decision makers in both government and education. It also highlights our ability to create multi-purpose spaces in a school environment.

Service Type:  Installation
Sector:  Education
Completion: July 2013
Location:  Central Belt Scotland
Client:  BAM Construction

Equipment list:
  • Hall Stage DGV Electric Winch
  • Doughty pulley system
  • Zero 88 Chilli and Zero 88 Jester 12/24 Lighting Desk
  • Prolyte Stage DEX decking and Truss
  • Soundcraft GB2R12.2 12-Ch audio mixer
  • QSC amplification
  • Shure microphones
  • Kabelschlepp Cable Carrier
  • Sanyo XM100 Projector
  • Schools MacPro + Euphonix Bundle
We entered the competitive tender process to be involved in the Scottish Government’s £1.25bn Schools for the Future programme. We were successful because we were competitive on price.
Our work involved the procurement and installation of stage lighting, audio equipment, curtain and projection systems at Eastwood High School in East Renfrewshire and at Lasswade High School in Midlothian.
  • At Lasswade the equipment was installed in the new school’s theatre spaces, drama rooms, recording studios and break-out room.
  • At Eastwood it was installed in the school’s drama rooms, recording studios and its large gym hall.
Our team worked with the project’s main contractor BAM construction (who built the schools), coming in at multiple points during the build phase. We also trained teachers at both schools on how to get the most out of their new equipment.
One of the key reasons for the projects’ success was that our team met with the end-users early on in the process. We re-specified certain elements of both projects in light of the feedback we received. This ensured that the schools got exactly what they needed.
One of the key end-user demands was that the finished systems should be as flexible as possible, so that the spaces in which they were installed could be used for multiple activities. (For example, Lasswade High School needed height clearance for badminton matches.)
Flexibility designed-in
To make this possible, we installed truss bars for all the lighting, sound and curtain equipment and designed the systems so that the gear could be moved using winches. This allowed the schools to raise their equipment out of harm’s way and to lower it to the floor when required.
This not only meant that performance spaces could be used for multiple activities, it also meant that pupils could attach lights without having to use ladders - avoiding unnecessary health and safety concerns.
To further add to the flexibility of the schools’ systems, the audio equipment we specified featured 5.1 surround sound capabilities so that it could be used as part of a cinema set-up.
The equipment was installed on budget and on schedule and has been well received by both schools. 
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