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Now in Stock: The Robe Robin® Pointe® and the Robin® MMX Blade™

07 October 2013
by Barclay Dakers , under Lighting products | | Product | Hires


As part of our drive to offer you the best range of hire products available we have just received delivery of the latest Robe moving head lights: The Robe Robin® Pointe® and the Robin® MMX Blade™.

These exciting products are proving very popular. In the last five months, the Pointe® has become Robe's fastest selling fixture ever - with over 10,000 orders placed to date.

These new additions, which complement our existing Robe stock, make us the obvious choice if you are interested in this well-respected range.

The Robin® Pointe®

Our Hire team chose the Robe Robin® Pointe® because of its flexibility and performance. This is a great beam light for events and music shows. It is a cross purpose light that will meet a wide range of lighting needs, including Beam, Spot, Wash and FX.
The Robin® Pointe® provides a very bright, sharp parallel beam that cuts through the air and across video with ease. It can be used with a range of filters and will project a static or rotating glass gobo to produce precision in-air and surface images with an even focal plane.

The Robin® MMX Blade™

The Robin® MMX Blade™ is a fantastic theatrical light. It uses the MMX discharge fixture, which can give an output comparable to 1200 W luminaries. It also adds a framing shutter system into the optical path.
What’s great about the MMX Blade™ is the fact that the system’s four shutter blades can be individually controlled within a frame which itself can rotate through 90 degrees. This means that, as well as providing a sharp or soft frame for the projected image, the system can also produce fast moving in-air effects through pre-programmed blade shape and movement sequences.
The MMX Blade™ includes many other innovative features including the Robe exclusive Hot-Spot lamp control feature that allows remote adjustment of flat beam uniformity or power beam hot spot.

Find Out More

The Robe Robin® Pointe® and the Robin® MMX Blade™ are just some of the Robe products that our Hire Department carries. Others include the Robe 600 LED Wash and the Robe 100 LED Beam. For more information on these and the other lights that we hire get in touch here or call 0131 551 2337.