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New Appointment Boosts Expertise of our Project Estimation Team

09 September 2013
by Calder Sibbald , under Architectural lighting | Product Consultancy


As part of our drive to provide the best possible service to architects, lighting designers and other clients, we are proud to announce the appointment of Martin Dean to head up our Project Estimation team. Dean, who has previously worked previously in our Installations section, brings his extensive practical experience and creative expertise to this new role.
“I have done a wide range of lighting design and installation work with big name clients such as Sage, Gateshead and the Arsenal Football shop in the Brent Cross Shopping Centre, London,” he says. “I therefore have a proven appreciation for how projects come together and am fully aware of the challenges that clients can face. This means that I can give a more informed and more accurate assessment of project costs.”
We have moved Dean into his new position as part of a push to strengthen the support we give to architects and lighting designers. “We work in partnership with these professionals to develop solutions that deliver high visual impact and exhibit real creative flair,” says our Head of Business Development Phil Haldane. “A key part of this is providing credible cost-estimates underpinned by sound technical knowledge. Dean’s new posting will allow us to go even further in this direction than we already have, helping our architect and lighting designer clients to bring their projects to life using the best technology for the job.”
One of Dean’s key priorities will be to make sure that clients are getting the best value for money. “I am currently working on a project where I do not think that the client had been given the best advice before we came on board,” he says. “I am therefore re-specifying the project and am confident that I can deliver a better end-product using a cheaper approach.”
As well as project estimation, we offer a comprehensive service to architects and lighting designers, working with them from the pre-tender stage through project development, installation and hand-over. To find out more about our services call us on 0131 551 2337.