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Case study



Natwest Store Birmingham

We created a dynamic effect for Natwest Super Flagship store in Birmingham. We used project mapping with a pixelated façade for the end product. 

Completion Date: June 2016                    
Location: Natwest Super Flagship Store, Birmingham
Client: Morris & Spottiswood/Four-By-Two
Kit List:
  • Traxon 16 PXL Panel boards
  • Traxon 4 PXL add-on boards and strips
  • Arkaos Stage Server
  • 2 Panasonic RZ12k projectors
  • 3 eCue VMC’s
  • Drivers and PSUs

The project

We were asked to create a dynamic effect utilising a back light pixelated façade in conjunction with front projection mapping. We worked closely on all aspects with the client; creating a demo piece, budgeting and offering multiple solutions to them.  

Project highlights

Projection Mapping and layering two video projectors for brightness. We came up with innovative lighting solutions to create dynamic visuals and public art. We were chosen for this project as a qualified and trusted supplier and installer of Traxon LED products.

Key project steps

Reviewed the client’s requests

Propose solutions and came up with a budget

Created a demo, procured and schedule the job

Installed, pre-commissioned and commissioned on site. Working with the main contractor at all steps.

Key challenges

Working alongside other trades on a tight timescale to deliver, meant our team worked nightshifts so the store could open during the day.

The results

The client was thrilled with the end result, as were we. The display is visually pleasing and creates a dynamic look for the flagship store. The Installation was carried out to budget.

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