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We provide a full equipment maintenance and performance support package for six schools in Perth and Kinross.

Project Details

Completion: Ongoing
Location: Perth and Kinross
Client: Mitie FM
Kit List
  • Prolyte X30V Box-Section Truss.
  • Andolite Internally Wired Lighting Bars, Cord Patch Panels and Facilities Panels.
  • Zero88 Chilli Dimming and Outstation Systems.
  • Zero88 Betapack 3 Dimmer Racks.
  • Zero88 Jester Lighting Control Desks.
  • Selecon Acclaim Fresnel, Axial Zoomspot, and Hui Floodlight luminaires.
  • Yamaha IF-series Loudspeakers.
  • Yamaha PC-series Amplifiers.
  • Yamaha DME24N DSP Processors.
  • Yamaha Blu-Ray Players.
  • Tascam CD/MD/MP3 Playback.
  • Soundcraft LX7ii and Phonic Powerpod 1860+ Audio Mixers.
  • Shure + AKG Microphones, inc. SM57, SM58 and PGX-series Radio Mics.
  • Sanyo XF70 LCD Projectors (9000 lumens).
As part of an ambitious school building programme, Black Light worked with one of the UK’s leading construction companies Laing O’Rourke, to install state-of-the-art theatre and cinema equipment in six schools in Perth and Kinross. After this successful £1M project was completed, Mitie FM turned to Black Light to provide a full maintenance and performance support package for the equipment we had installed. We were also asked to support the schools with training and assistance.
  • We provide periodic pre-planned maintenance support for all lighting, sound, AV and staging equipment.
  • The maintenance services we provide include PAT-testing, load-testing, inspection and certification.
  • We carry out general low-level repairs, emergency call-outs etc.
  • We visit each school periodically to help the staff to set up equipment for shows (re-focusing lights, changing gels, programming lighting desks etc).

The maintenance package gives the schools and the Council peace of mind. Because our experts regularly service the schools’ equipment, our clients know that their considerable investment is protected, that they are meeting their Health and Safety obligations and that their systems are safe for users.The success of the project shows that we can offer a full range of skills and specialist knowledge (including expertise relating to electrical and lifting equipment and working at height) to maintain a wide range of technical performance systems. As we say: “We know the kit inside out because we install it every day of the year”.

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"This is an ongoing project and feedback from the clients continues to be very positive – both in terms of the service supplied and the functioning of the equipment that is being supported and maintained."