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Working with Speirs + Major we create a new night-time landmark for the city

21 January 2013
by Gavin Stewart , under Architectural lighting | Installations | Product Consultancy


Over the festive season night arrivals at Edinburgh airport will have seen a stunning example of architectural lighting. To help kick start the recent re-branding of the airport, our technicians installed an array of LED luminaires to colour the control tower purple, turning it into a striking new night-time landmark for the city.

“The project was designed for the airport’s recent re-branding and was carried out on behalf of the award-winning design company Speirs + Major,” explains Dave Moffat, one of our Event Project Managers who oversaw the temporary installation. “We used an array of equipment from Robe’s CitySkape range to create the stunning effect the airport wanted. It was a great project to work on and its success highlights our expertise with LED technology and our dedication to deliver the artistic vision of our clients.

To get the project off the ground, Moffat carefully discussed its requirements with the client. He then carried out a demonstration of the LED technology he’d selected to prove that it would produce the colours needed. Once he was given the go-ahead, his team carried out the installation quickly - the turnaround between first contact and delivery was just two weeks.

The end result saw the tower washed with purple light that gradually lightened to a crisp white at its top. This effect mirrored elements of the re-branding of the airport that had been commissioned following its sale earlier in 2012. This re-branding was officially re-launched at Edinburgh Castle on Wednesday December the 5th 2012 - a few days after the lights we installed had been switched on.
The technology we used to light the control tower included eight CitySkape 48’s and eight CitySkape Extremes. The latter are one of the most powerful outdoor LED fixtures on the market. They are an ideal unit for illuminating large buildings and indoor/outdoor stages, thanks to the high output of their LED modules.

Speirs + Major is an award winning design practice that uses light to enhance the experience of the visual environment. It has offices in London and Edinburgh, UK.