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Glasgow Transport Museum

We designed and installed the lighting installations on a number of high-profile exhibits at the new Glasgow Transport Museum.

Project Details

Completion: June 2011
Location: Glasgow
Client:  Multiple
Kit List

The equipment and systems maintained used for this project included:
  • Veledrome: 80m of Hi Light output LED flexible strip and custom built aluminium channel.
  • Bike Wall: 132 Traxon 1PXL RGB Panels with smart links and DMX address management.
  • Car Wall: Traxon MonoTube with Traxon 9 way LED dimmers together with 150 m of Hi Light output LED Flexible Strip.
  • Street: 72 ways of Zero 88 Chilli and 16 ways of Chilli HDs, 12 Pulsar Chromafloods, ETC S4 Junior zooms, ETC Source 4 Pars, Hi Light out put LED flexible strip. With ETC Mosaic Control and Eutrac 3 Circuit Lighting track for power distribution.
The project was carried out in collaboration with DHA Design (with whom we have worked on many projects including Dynamic earth, the International Centre for Life and the Adross Heritage centre).

The project had multiple elements, these included:
  • Lighting a velodrome, using 80m of LED flexible strip.
  • Adding illumination highlights to two key exhibits - a ‘car wall’  (which comprises 30 cars stacked in three rows) and ‘bike wall’ (which displays 21 bikes).
  • Bringing an historic street diorama to life using light.

What We Did

Over a number of years we worked with lighting designer Adam Grater (Managing Director at DHA Design) to help the client get a feel for options and possibilities. From this, Adam spent some time developing the designs the client wanted. We then worked with Adam to finalise the designs and source the necessary lighting products and control systems.
  • We developed innovative ways to integrate delicate light fittings with heavy industrial steel structures and designed our systems so that they could be stripped down for rearrangement.
  • We worked with some brand new products and had to modify a number of systems to work in the Museum’s unique installations – for example, the Monotube system had to be adapted to work in a DMX installation.
  • We managed the implementation of the project: Planning and timing shipments, getting the right products to site as needed and providing support to other contractors.
The project highlights our technical expertise and versatility. It also underlines our ability to help drive a multi-contractor project forward and meet change and ‘scope creep’ in a responsive and effective way.

Key Challenges
As the new museum project started to come together it became apparent that there were some holes in the integration between the vast number of contractors.  We worked to help plug the gaps and to minimise the cost of extras.

The design of the museum evolved over time – this made the project exciting but required a great deal of checking and rechecking to ensure compatibility was maintained.

Working with several contractors at the same time required us to develop additional project management features to our resource planning systems.

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