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ETC Desire LEDs now in stock

07 August 2013
by Calder Sibbald , under Product | | Lighting products | | Company news | | Stage lighting | Hires


We’re proud to announce the arrival of our new stock of ETC LED lights, including the Desire D60 Vivid™, Desire D60 Lustr®+ and Desire D40 Vivid™luminaries.

Here at Black Light we’ve been long-term advocates of the benefits of LED lighting technology. That’s why we’ve made a significant investment in the best available products and now have one of the largest hire stocks of ETC LED lighting in the country. 
The new additions to Black Light’s stock include Source Four LED Lustr®+ and Studio HD Profiles, Desire D60 Vivid™, Desire D60 Lustr®+ and Desire D40 Vivid™ luminaries. This technically-sophisticated range of lighting solutions offers incredible performance, exceptional flexibility and low energy consumption.
We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible choice and the latest technology and we think that ETC’s range offers an unbeatable combination of features.
Our decision to increase our stock of ETC products was driven by the fact that the Lustr+ Profiles we invested in last year have been out on hire almost constantly ever since. We know that this range is perfect for our broad customer base which includes Lighting Designers, Venues and Trade customers. They also provide the ideal choice for anyone who wants to reduce the environmental impact of their work or event through reduced power consumption.
Among the benefits provided by the ETC LED technology is the unmatched colour mixing capability of its x7 Colour System. It also provides a superior beam quality that is suitable for even the most professional theatre application. The technology also provides significant logistical benefits, as it reduces the number of lights that are needed to produce specific effects (so saving transport and rigging time).
The Profile Range of LED luminaries use the same barrel, accessories and lenses as traditional Source Four fixtures – allowing the use of the ETC Source Four EDLT (Enhanced Definition Lens Tube). To capitalise on this we have pre-ordered LED cyc lenses. We also hold a complementary stock of ETC fittings, including Source Four dimmers which allow users to enjoy the benefits of distributed power control.

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