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We installed a full package of stage lighting, sound, AV and recording studio equipment at Coltness High School in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire.

Project Details

Completion: October 2011
Location: Wishaw, North Lanarkshire
Client: Graham Construction/North Lanarkshire Council
Kit List
  • Andolite IWBs and Facilities Panels
  • Zero88 Chilli Dimmers
  • Zero88 Jester Lighting Control Desk
  • Selecon and ETC Luminaires
  • Tannoy Loudspeakers
  • Soundcraft Mixing Desk
  • Tascam CD Players etc
  • QSC Amplifiers
  • EEE Unitrack and Hall Stage T60 Curtain Tracks
  • Tecpro Stage Comms
The initial project brief was made up of only a few descriptive lines of ‘required outcomes’ on a Room Data Sheet (RDS). After careful consultation with the client, we turned this into a fully detailed proposal.
We then worked closely with the local authority through several phases of design development to ensure the project requirements were fully met.
Once all specifications had been finalised, our installation team carried out a top quality, on-time and on-budget full package installation.  The key elements of the package included:
  • Stage lighting
  • Stage sound
  • Audio visual
  • Stage curtains
  • Full recording studio equipment set c/w Microphones, Instrument Amps etc
  • System training
We fully meet the demands of the local authority which had very high ambitions for the quality of the buildings and systems they wanted to provide. 
The new facilities allow the school to make high quality audio recordings of students’ work from three specific areas.  The set-up allows the staff and pupils to record anything from a school rock/pop band through to large choirs, school band concerts and shows. 
The project demonstrates our expertise in the education sector and our ability to offer a high quality, specification-compliant proposal at the right price.
Key Challenges
This was the first of six schools for the same purchasing consortium, so we spent a lot of time and effort on getting the specifications absolutely correct and ‘nailed down’. We worked closely with the local authority, and key end-users, to ensure that the proposals exactly matched their requirements.

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"Black Light did an extremely professional installation. The entire system looks incredibly neat and tidy and operates in an extremely effective and flexible manner. One of their staff even emailed me detailed diagrams of the system. I have to say I found this invaluable in terms of the day-to-day operation of our new recording studio facility."

Derek Johnston, Head of Music & Drama, Coltness High School