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Arsenal Football Shop

We delivered a state-of-the-art audio and video system for the Arsenal
Football Club shop at London’s Brent Cross Shopping Centre. The success of
the system, which provides a high-tech marketing centerpiece for the prestigious
store, shows that we have the capability to work in London and deliver a pristine
installation to a high-profile client.

Service Type: Installation
Sector: Retail
Completion: August 2012
Location: Brent Cross Shopping Centre, London
Client: Arsenal Football Club (Consultant: 442 Design)
Kit List:

19 NEC Commercial Display Panels arrayed as:
• One 3x3 Video Wall
• Two 2x2 Portrait Walls
• Two1x1 Portrait Displays
OneLan Digital Signage System
12 Apart Mask6 Loudspeakers
3 Apart Sub 2201 Bass Units
QSC CX series Amplification and Processing
Cloud Stereo Mixer
We were asked to provide a stunning, high-impact scheme to draw customers into the store and effectively communicate the client’s brand image.

We provided an innovative and striking solution that, we believe, exceeded the client’s remit, yet was achievable within the project’s budget.

The complete system was developed by the company’s installation experts after close consultation with the club and its marketing consultants.

The technology

For the video installation, we used 19 commercial display panels arranged as a 3x3 video wall, two 2x2 portrait walls, and two 1x1 portrait displays. The displays were integrated with a OneLan Digital Signage System and the client’s IT system to allow remote updating and control. The screens allow customers to watch and engage with a wide variety of exciting digital content, including signage and video.

For the state-of-the-art sound system, we used 12 Apart Mask6 loudspeakers and three Apart Sub 2201 bass units, QSC CX series amplification and processing and a Cloud Stereo Mixer.

This system ensures that the audio in the shop has just as much impact as the video.

The key steps in the project included:

• Consultancy
• Design
• Specification
• Installation
• Commissioning
• Roll-out and handover

Key challenges

Key challenges on the job included liaising and cocoordinating with multiple trades and agencies who
were all on-site together during the shop’s fit-out period.

Time was also tight as the project schedule only allowed a short turnaround, with the press/opening day taking
place immediately after completion.


“A massive thank you for your hard work, expertise and energy in helping us bring our new store concept to life
in Brent Cross Shopping Centre recently. Your company produced a quality finish, and we particularly relished the
great service you provided.”

Nick Peel, Retail Director, Arsenal FC download file PDF (0.17mb)

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