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Black Light brings German Quality to its Audio Range

by Phil Haldane , under Architectural lighting | Hires

We are proud to announce that we now offer the d&b audiotechnik E-series loudspeakers as part of our range of high-performance audio products. This loudspeaker range, which comes from one of Germany’s most respected pro audio companies, is recognized as among the best in the industry and offers remarkable sound quality and exceptional flexibility.

Among the d&b products that we now stock are the E3 and E 12D speakers and the E15X subwoofer. “These products represent a significant investment for Black Light,” says Stephen Reid, Head of our Events Team. “They offer a really top-end system that can provide fantastic performance for small bands, live events and conferences.” Stephen explains that the equipment has already been specified by the leading performance company Dance Base for all their Edinburgh Festival performances. “It really delivers when it comes to performance quality and Dance Base recognizes this,” he says.

The E3 is an ultra compact loudspeaker that is particularly suited to environments where space is at a premium. The E12D is a high performance two-way multipurpose loudspeaker that uses an integrated coaxial driver. The horn in the loudspeaker is easily rotatable through 90° providing a 50° x 110° dispersion patterns. When used with an E15X subwoofer it can easily reproduce high-level music program. To drive the loudspeakers Black Light offers a range of amplifiers including the D6 dual channel power amplifiers from d&b.

Overall, the E series loudspeakers are notable for their design and choice of formats, together with high output and performance levels; they offer elegant solutions for speech reinforcement, fill or delay, production studios, presentations and music reinforcement with or without subwoofers. They also offer simple, effortless setups – vital in distributed applications, and in ever changing, fast and flexible production environments. An extensive range of accessories and fittings provide the E-Series with a wide range of practical deployment solutions.

d&b audiotechnik is an internationally renowned company in the field of electroacoustics as a manufacturer of loudspeaker systems and electronics for high quality speech and music reproduction or sound reinforcement in public places. d&b is regarded as one of the leading companies in this market as a result of its use of technological developments, system integration principles and thanks to the quality of construction and standard of service it offers.