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Black Light Pyrotechnic Course

23 March 2012
by Phil Haldane , under Training | Sales


The one-day course is designed to give practical advice and instruction on all the key aspects of stage pyrotechnic design, operation and safety and will include hands-on workshop sessions during which participants will be able to try out everything they have learned.

“Our pyrotechnics courses are always popular,” says Customer Relations Manager, Claire Södergren who is helping to organise the course. “This one should appeal to a wide variety of people – from those who have never used pyrotechnics before through to participants who want to see what the latest technology can do. Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a nationally-recognised certificate of training and free membership of the Association of Stage Pyrotechnicians.”

One of the key elements of the course covers the safety and compliance issues related to the use of stage pyrotechnics. These include relevant laws, storage, risk assessments, HSE Competent Authority Documents, Material Safety Data (under COSHH) and Transport Emergency Cards.

A wide range of equipment and devices will be used and demonstrated, including maroons, flashpots, jets and gerbs, grid rockets, flames, airbursts, saxon wheels, waterfalls, mines and comets. All the products used will be from leading manufacturers including Le Maitre (ProStage), Skyhigh, Theatrical Pyrotechnics, Wells and LunaTech (PyroPak).

A wide range of practical and technical skills will also be covered, including flameproofing, series wiring and testing. The course will also offer a fascinating look at the history of pyrotechnics.

Part of the course will involve participants separating into small groups. They will be provided with control systems and pyrotechnic devices and required to set up and ignite effects. This part of the course usually brings out a bit of friendly competitiveness as participants demonstrate their ability and understanding of the technical and safety issues covered in the rest of the course.

“Three points are awarded for correct ignition and control of devices,” says Södergren. “But we give 10 points for igniting something belonging to another group!“

Course details:

Black Light Pyrotechnics Training Course, 30th April
The course runs from 9.30 through till five at the Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh
Cost: £150 per Person, ex VAT (reduced rate available for FST members, please book via FST)

To book, email training@black-light.com