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We Make Sponsored Walk Truly Memorable

by Phil Haldane , under Architectural lighting | Events | Hires

Hundreds of children and their families enjoyed a spectacular light show and a beautifully lit sponsored walk around Edinburgh’s West Princes Street gardens thanks to the imagination and ingenuity of our Events Team. The Glow in the Park event took place at the end of October 2010. As part of Light Relief Week 2010, it was organized to raise much-needed funds for the Royal Blind charity, whilst also highlighting some of the difficulties faced on a daily basis by blind and disabled people.

"We put up a full production rig at the park’s Ross Bandstand for a ten-minute programmed light and music show," says our Events Manager, Stephen Reid, who explains that the whole system had previously been set up in our warehouse to do a full "plot" of all lighting cues and to ensure a perfect show.

Stephen also explains that, in order to turn the sponsored walk into a really special event, his team lit the route around the park to create different effects for the guests as they walked round. One effect involved the installation of UV bubble machines along the path. "The results, with glow-in-the-dark bubbles cascading around the walkers, were really special and great fun," says Stephen. "Everyone seemed to have a wonderful evening and we all enjoyed being part of this exciting event."

Well over 300 people attended the Glow in the Park walk. The lighting scheme for the occasion was designed in consultation with the organisers and with Edinburgh-based management company Backbone. The equipment used included four Chroma panels, 12 Chroma cubes, 12 Giotto spots, four Giotto washes and two Unique hazers.

"The main challenge was the fact that we only had an hour and a half to set up the lighting equipment," says Stephen. "We were putting in some of the last finishing touches to the end of the route as the walk started, but, in the end, everything worked splendidly."

Edinburgh-based Royal Blind works to make a significant contribution to building a community in which blind and partially sighted people, including those who also have other disabilities, are fully included and lead fulfilling lives. It operates four distinct services: The Royal Blind School, the Forward Vision Residential Care Home for young adults, the Braeside House Care Home and the Scottish Braille Press.